The Grunt Work

Every business has tasks that need to be done to keep it running – taking valuable time from you and your clients. Why not let us take on these time consuming (and often not very enjoyable) grunt work tasks? Adding another member to your team frees you up to do what you need (and want) to do – as well as providing more flexibility and a better quality of service.

Social Media

An online media presence is a beneficial (or essential) tool for many businesses, but only when it’s applied effectively. We can handle your social media presence, including posting, monitoring and responding on each of your channels.

Email Management

Is your Inbox taking too much of your time and effort to maintain? Let us handle it for you! HHVA can handle initial responses to inbound requests, freeing you up for the important items and help you manage your time and tasks effectively.

Audio Transcription

Want to re-purpose the audio content of a video, interview, podcast, or other recording? Let us transcribe it for you! We create audio transcriptions in literal or intelligent format and can output it as a word doc, text or HTML.

Website Maintenance

When did you last run a plugin update or backup on your website? Most clients answer that question either with “what?” or “yep, I do it and it’s a pain.” We’ll take care of your site for you, including updating existing content or creation of additional pages.

Workshop & Seminar Management

Do you run workshops, training sessions or seminars? How much of your time gets taken up with organising enrolments, venue hire, resources such as printed material etc? You can hand it all over to HHVA.

Blogs & Content Creation

Researching and creating blogs can get very time consuming, so why not let us write your blogs and other articles for you? HHVA team members have created material on everything from Corporate Governance to the Adult Entertainment Industry!

Phone calls & Virtual Reception

Do you want your clients to receive a friendly and professional greeting when they call? Let us take care of your incoming calls for you. We can provide initial assistance to your inbound callers and then forward the important details to you.

Data Entry

Have you got a ‘pile of shame’ hidden in your office? A stack of business cards, a box of receipts, hand written notes that you want converted into electronic format? Give it to us – we’ll input it and provide it in a variety of formats.

Client contact - newsletters & email blasts

Periodic newsletters and email blasts can be a fantastic way to keep your business in your client’s minds, but like blog articles, they’re time consuming. Let us create and distribute them for you.