The Consulting Work

HHVA Virtual Assistants don’t just do the work you don’t want to do – we work to ensure that your business runs the most efficient way possible. We can help you choose and apply suitable software packages, optimise your documents and overhaul your entire business processes if need be. This ensures that the work you’re doing is every bit as efficient as the work we are doing for you.

1 on 1 training

Want to know how to use Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Email or a host of other applications better but don’t have time to go on a training course? Our 1 on 1 training is done via a remote link to your own PC, using your files and is targeted to exactly what you need to know!

Business Process Healthcheck

We’ll do a complete health-check on your business processes and provide a report to suggest any modifications / changes / modernisation or upgrades that we identify will improve your business productivity.

Business Overhaul

This is the master package – a customised combination of some (or all) of the above to provide the ultimate solution for a business that needs to run smarter and more smoothly. Our talented team have the solutions you’re looking for.

Document Optimisation

Have you got documents, spreadsheets, presentations or other files that are looking tired, are out of date or just don’t do what you need them to do? Let us use our expert skills to optimise the files you work with and get them working better for you and your business.

CRM Implementation

Are your contacts stuck in Google, Excel, Mailchimp, Outlook or a combination of many?  Do you handle your leads, opportunities and ongoing client requirements effectively? Is your business growth hard for you to manage? If so, you could benefit from a CRM. We’ll help you find the right one, install it, configure it and the provide you with tailored training, with ongoing support as an additional option.

CRM improvement

Is your CRM working to capacity and truly supporting your business, or is it just a repository for your client’s contact details? We can help you improve the way you use your CRM, starting with a full workflow analysis to see what should be implemented to support you. We can also create links to Mailchimp, Financial packages, Email and other products where available. With our expert help we can get your CRM working for you today.

Application Integration

Does your email talk to your CRM? Does your CRM talk to Mailchimp and your Finance package? Does your Mailchimp talk to your Social Media? If not, how much time (or information), are you wasting or losing managing these items separately? HHVA can get your applications working with each other, increasing your accuracy, saving you time and saving you money.