First impressions count, there’s no getting around it.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – there’s no getting around that either.

When your office number or mobile number goes to voicemail, how many of your callers hang up and move on to the next Google result? And yet, as a Small Business owner, you’ve often too busy to interrupt what you’re doing to get that call. Have you considered using a Virtual Reception service?

Helping Hands Virtual Assistants (HHVA) offers clients a virtual reception experience with a difference – we’re not just a voicemail service, we GET TO KNOW your business! When we answer one of your calls:

  • We answer it as your business name
  • We provide your clients a warm, professional welcome
  • We speak confidently and comprehensively about your products and services
  • We can create bookings / entries into CRM’s or other products as required
  • We can send out email to your inbound callers
  • We can then notify you via text, email or phone call of the call details
  • AND – we filter those annoying spam phone calls!

How does it work?

We allocate you a landline number that you then divert your phone number(s) to. When your client rings your number(s), it’s answered by us, using your company name and with all the features listed above. And in the rare instance that we might miss your call, your caller is diverted to a custom mailbox using your business name and we guarantee their message will be responded to within 1 business hour. Our Virtual Receptionists are all Australian based, with English as their native language.

What does it cost?

Premium Virtual Reception is available in 2 packages – Business Standard and Business Lite. Notification of inbound call details can be sent to you via text message, email, or phone call.

Business Standard Business Lite
Initial setup charge $35 $35
Cost per week $50 $30
No. of calls per week * 40 20
Standard call answering hours 8:30am – 5:30pm Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm Mon-Fri
Saturday or Sunday call monitoring $10 per week $10 per week
Out of hours diversion to custom voicemail Included Included
Action items ** 1 per call 1 per call
Initial 1 hour consult Included Included


* If you opt to receive your phone message notifications as a phone call, it counts towards your total of 40 calls per week. However, if we have to ring your client back, that is not included. Spam / Telemarketing & wrong number calls are also not included.

** One ‘action item’ per call includes, for example, entering lead details into a CRM, sending email items to your inbound clients, or another action as required.

Additional items are billed as follows :

Additional calls are charged at $1 per call
Additional action items can be added for $20 per week

Is it time to give your callers the first impression that both they and your business deserve? Contact us today to find out more.