Have you ever heard a business owner say “I definitely got into this business to do all the background tasks – admin, bookkeeping, follow-ups, documentation, website maintenance and all that other stuff?” Nope, me neither. Business owners start their company to do what they do best, the things they love to do and the things that bring them enrichment. But what about all those background tasks? They have to be done, because without them, business fails. But just because it’s your business, do you have to be the one to do all the work? Of course not!

An HHVA VA can provide all the assistance you need to get those pesky background tasks done. The most common refrain we hear from business owners is “It’s ok, I can do it myself”. But what are those background tasks costing you?

Let’s say you make $60 an hour when you’re out serving your customers, doing what you do best. While you’re spending time maintaining your accounts, creating blog articles, maintaining your website, filling out paperwork and doing all those other background tasks that are necessary for your business, those tasks are costing you $60 an hour. Because while you’re completing those tasks, you’re losing the opportunity to do what you do best. HHVA’s team can do all those tasks (and more!) from $30 per hour. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

HHVA’s team are all located in Australia. We provide a wide range of services to an equally diverse range of clients. We’re there when we need you, and then fade into the background when you don’t. Need more information? Contact us today to speak with our business owner Sarah Higgins.