What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Helping Hands Virtual Assistant (VA) is the ultimate flexible staffing resource  –  an additional member of your team that you can call on when :

* there’s too much work to do

* There’s not enough time to do it in

* There’s work that you don’t know how to do

* There’s work that you don’t want to do!

Want to know more?

Have you thought about using a Virtual Assistant in your business? Why not book in a free 15 minute consulting chat with our business owner Sarah Higgins? Or if you’re snowed under, why not just call us now?

What we do

HHVA’s services are offered across 4 basic categories – click an icon to find out more about each of them.

Affectionately nicknamed the “Grunt work”, this is all of those day to day, must-do, but don’t want to do tasks that all businesses need. Why not throw them at us?
When was the last time you looked at your business processes to see where improvements could be made? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options out there? That’s where we come in! Our consulting arm looks at how your business is running and helps you streamline and improve it – be it new/replacement software, documentation or a complete business overhaul.
When your callers ring and you don’t answer, what do you they hear? Is it your voicemail? Or worse, an automatic recording? Wny not let us monitor your phones when you can’t? We’ll answer the phone as your business, speak to your inbound callers with knowledge and authority and ensure that their first contact with your business is a positive experience.
Do you need to know more about a piece of software you use but not enough to justify a full training course? Would you prefer to work on your own files instead of generic training material demos? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

HHVA offers 1 on 1 training sessions with our star team of VA’s. We’ll connect directly to your computer and walk you step by step through what you want to learn. We’ll also provide you with step by step instructions or video content that you can refer to later on.

Have you thought about getting a Virtual Assistant for your business, but you’re just not sure what they could do for you? This video is a simple exercise in choosing what a VA could do for your business.

Our Clients

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Remember, you can have a free 15 minute consultation with our Business Owner & Principal VA, Sarah Higgins. Sarah will do an analysis of your business needs and see what a VA might be able to do for you.