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Premium Virtual Reception

Premium Virtual Reception


First impressions count, there’s no getting around it.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – there’s no getting around that either.

But who provides the first impressions in your business? If a prospective client makes their first contact via a phone call, then that all important first impression comes from your receptionist. If your inbound callers are being routed into a call centre where a message gets taken for you to call them, then sure, it’s better than nothing, but is it the key first impression you’re looking for?

HHVA provides a premium virtual reception service. When your callers ring your business line, the calls are redirected to us. We answer using your company name, we can speak confidently about your full range of products and services and can send them additional information or organise appointments for them. Once they’re off the phone, we can notify you via voice, email or text that you’ve been contacted, and enter the details into your CRM system or other software of choice. And if by chance we miss the call, it routes to a tailored voicemail message that we guarantee will be attended to within 1 business hour.

Is it time to give your callers the first impression that both they and your business deserve? Contact us today to find out more.