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How much are your background tasks really costing you?

Have you ever heard a business owner say “I definitely got into this business to do all the background tasks – admin, bookkeeping, follow-ups, documentation, website maintenance and all that other stuff?” Nope, me neither. Business owners start their company to do what

Ten Brilliant reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant

So, you’ve started up your own business, and you want to remain focused on the core needs of that business.  That’s why you started it, right?  To do what you love to do, what you’re passionate about, whether it’s opening a boutique florist, starting a handyman bus

Hire a Virtual Assistant from HHVA, and Do What You Do Best

Small businesses are often created because you are passionate and skilled, and have a unique product to sell.  In running your small business on a day-to-day basis, you need to focus on achieving business outcomes, but you are wary of spending too much cash in the process.